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Taken From :iconkiku-chii:

Instructions: Answer every question, truthfully!
When you're done, you must tag at least three people. 8D

1.How did you find out about Yaoi/Yuri?
I was in piczo and I ran into a blog which had a page tilted "something really scary" so I clicked it. and thus, the obsession started -teehee.

2. Do you know anyone who else likes Yaoi/Yuri?
Mhm~ ofc~

3. Name them.
Kiku-Chii(hikany): she fills me up with yaoi *//w//* oh bby<3
And people on tumblr and DA. c:

4. What's your favorite pairing?
oh oh oh~ It has to be Mukuro/Squalo. /teehee. My OTP. :'D

5. Why?
... well because of reasons.

6. How did you get into that pairing?
Uhhuh. Because I used to hate XS (I'm hating again.) and I shipped Squalo with the nearest person possible. /snigger. I'm such a bad waifu.

7. Do you think you're obsessed with that pairing?
Well yeaaah. :'D

8. Do your parents know you're into Yaoi/Yuri?
Only mom~

9. If so, how do they react to it?
She's all "well don't let that affect you greatly! D:" oh mmy me luvs yuh~

10. If not, what would happen if they did find out?
My father would be... very angry. My mom knows. >3>

11. Everytime you hear or see something relative to love, do you instantly think of your OTP? (OTP= One True Pairing)
Not my Yaoi OTP though. :'D 5986teehee.

12. Will you post this in your journal?
where do you think I'm posting it then :'D
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Bony Superbia &#x2665;
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Bony Superbia, at your service.

Waifu :iconkiku-chii: :heart:

16 // Female // Got both hands in her pocket

( Fav Boys ) :: Squalo // Loki // Tom Hiddleston // Xiahou Dun // Zhuge Dan // Kikyo // Sima Shi // Mitsunari Ishida // Captian Jack Sparrow // Thor
( Fav Girls) :: Haru Miura // Magoichi Saika // Bao Sanniang // Wang Yuanji // Uni // Darcy

( Fav Pairings )
KHR :: Gokudera x Haru // Mukuro x Squalo // Squalo x Bianchi // Tsuna x Kyoko // Yamamoto x Tsuna // Byakuran x Uni // Kikyo x Bluebell

Dynasty Warriors :: Zhuge Dan x Wang Yuanji // Sima Zhao x Zhuge Dan x Sima Shi // Sima Zhao x Sima Shi // Deng Ai x Zhong Hui // Guan Yu x Liu Bei // Guan Sou x Bao Sanniang // Gan Ning x Ling Tong x Lu Xun

Sengoku Basara :: Mitsunari x Magoichi // Masamune x Magoichi // Motochika x Magoichi // Ieyasu x Magoichi // Magoichi x Tsuruhime // Ieyasu x Mitsunari // Sasuke x Yukimura // Kenshin x Kasuga

OTHER :: Hanzo Hattori x Nene // Thor x Loki // Loki x Darcy // Yukiatsu x Tsuruko // Tsuruko x Anaru // Jintan x Menma // Poppo x Truruko

( I Hate )

Tsuna x Haru // Cao Pi x Zhen Ji // Gokudera x Shitopi // Hibari x Adelheid

Current Residence: Kuwait, dudes~ :3
Favourite genre of music: Mostly Anything :3
Favourite cartoon character: SQUALO~.. and Haru <3
Personal Quote: "Ha?..."

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